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After $115 million investment, Stroz Friedberg hires The James Group to accelerate growth

Stroz Friedberg, the country’s foremost authority on digital risk, appoints NYC-based The James Group as its brand consultancy after extensive agency search.

Stroz Friedberg is the US-headquarted global leader in computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, electronic discovery, data breach, cybercrime response, and investigations.

They operate at the intersection of technology, law, investigations, and behavioral science uncovering key digital evidence, ensuring compliance and providing assurance to all parties. Stroz Friedberg identifies and protects some of the largest companies in the world against the malicious cyber attacks of sophisticated adversaries.

Stroz Friedberg’s unsurpassed expertise in managing digital risk and uncovering digital evidence has helped the company attract a $115 million investment from New Mountain Capital to fuel and accelerate its growth.

The James Group is proud to have been selected, after an extensive agency search, to work exclusively on brand consulting and executing for a company of the stature of Stroz Friedberg.

The James Group is a branding and full-service advertising agency located in New York City. We have one purpose: we help our clients make more money.

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