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Manhattan brand agency, The James Group helps Michael Stapleton Associates relaunch globally as MSA Security

Following a rigorous 4 month re-branding initiative by The James Group, the Manhattan based branding New York agency, Michael Stapleton Associates is now MSA Security.

In a category dominated by ex-law enforcement selling on a platform of fear, this new brand is a different point of view: Security as a means of running a successful business. With such a dramatic repositioning of its brand by a New York Branding Agency, MSA is now able to change the conversation about security. No longer is it enough for companies to simply ask “Are we protected?” The conversation now begins with “Is our business safe from unnecessary interruption?”

“What this gives our team, more than anything else, is confidence,” said Mike O’Neil, CEO of MSA Security. “This is something we’ve been doing all along, but The James Group was able to put it into words and images. We’re a different organization almost overnight.

The global brand campaign is first being launched in trade print, select digital placements and through MSA’s extensive sales network based in New York.

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