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The James Group is now VELOCITY WORLDWIDE

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
After 15+ years as The James Group, a brand strategy agency helping hundreds of brands reinvent, reinvigorate and redefine themselves… we’re undergoing our own transformation.

As of Feb. 13, 2013, The James Group will be Velocity Worldwide.

Why change? Because consumers have changed. They’ve changed how they get and interact with information. And–unless you control all possible channels of communication–you cannot effectively track how a customer engages with a brand. Our unique converged multi-channel digital platform allows Velocity Worldwide to publish influential content through all channels and measure precisely–in real time–how people interact with it.

It’s a revolutionary approach to modern day marketing as we now possess the unique ability to help companies and brands build business strategies around what matters most to their customers.

Our team is not changing. Only getting smarter in the ways that we can help you engage with your audience and reach even greater successes.

We look forward to telling you more about this exciting development. Please feel free to give us a call to answer any questions you might have:

Paul Blakely, 212-243-2022, x. 302

Bryan Jenkins, 212-243-2022, x. 307

We had an incredible debut at the Rolex 24 in Daytona. Take a look here for details and more photos.
Watch CEO Paul Blakely announce the strategic team partnership between Velocity Worldwide and Wayne Taylor Racing, in front the world motorsports press in Daytona Beach, FL on Jan. 3, 2013.

Please check out the new Velocity Worldwide website to see
what we’re all about:

The James Group Attends the 50th Rolex 24 Race in Daytona Beach, Florida

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

The weekend of January 28th and 29th, members of The James Group congregated at Daytona International Speedway for the 50th anniversary of the Rolex 24, in Daytona Beach, FL.

The James Group ( a NYC marketing agency), launched Grand-Am’s brand repositioning in 2010 as the road racing experience where fans are more than spectators. The James group saw how, before races, Grand Am fans mingle along pit row with drivers, crew chiefs and mechanics, and wanted to bring that visceral connection to life for the brand.

“What we saw at Grand Am events was that the fans are as important to Grand Am races as the cars are,” says Bryan Jenkins, Creative Director of The James Group, “Fans have more opportunity here to interact with the drivers than in any other racing series.”

The tagline The James Group created, “Giving Racing Back to the Fans,” highlights that energy created by the personal interaction between Grand Am fans and drivers and crews. Grand Am fans are passionate about the competition and the driving. During the race, kids hang on the fence and cheer their favorite teams, charged by adrenaline as engines roar and car speeds approach 200mph.

“You can’t feel this watching races television,” Jenkins says.

Unlike the traditional NASCAR race, a variety of sports cars participate in Grand Am racing, including Ferraris, Audis, Camaros, Vipers and Porsches. A 24-hour event is a true endurance race. Drivers muscle through a track comprised of S-turns, high banks, and long straight-aways. At a 24-hour event like Daytona, cars run over 750 laps.

The James Group campaign is translating the excitement of thrilled Grand Am racing fans to people who soon will be, giving racing back to the fans, and bringing the fans back to Grand Am racing.

After $115 million investment, Stroz Friedberg hires The James Group to accelerate growth

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Stroz Friedberg, the country’s foremost authority on digital risk, appoints NYC-based The James Group as its brand consultancy after extensive agency search.

Stroz Friedberg is the US-headquarted global leader in computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, electronic discovery, data breach, cybercrime response, and investigations.

They operate at the intersection of technology, law, investigations, and behavioral science uncovering key digital evidence, ensuring compliance and providing assurance to all parties. Stroz Friedberg identifies and protects some of the largest companies in the world against the malicious cyber attacks of sophisticated adversaries.

Stroz Friedberg’s unsurpassed expertise in managing digital risk and uncovering digital evidence has helped the company attract a $115 million investment from New Mountain Capital to fuel and accelerate its growth.

The James Group is proud to have been selected, after an extensive agency search, to work exclusively on brand consulting and executing for a company of the stature of Stroz Friedberg.

The James Group is a branding and full-service advertising agency located in New York City. We have one purpose: we help our clients make more money.

Manhattan branding agency, The James Group, partners with Charities@Work for 11th Annual Best Practices Summit

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Manhattan Branding Agency The James Group has been appointed the official branding and communications firm for the 11th Annual Best Practices Summit on employee engagement, giving and volunteerism to be held in April 2012 in Manhattan, New York.

The James Group, a top New York Branding Agency, will lend its expertise in brand marketing to advise on promoting the event, harness best practices and work closely with Charities@Work to optimize the marketing and communications strategy for the Summit.

The event, which aims to enhance employee engagement programs and other initiatives, provides a forum for philanthropic corporations and charities to explore opportunities to respond to growing employee interest in a wider range of giving options.

“We’re delighted to be involved in the 11th Annual Best Practices Summit and for the opportunity to participate in the Corporate Advisory Planning Committee. The James Group has always recruited team members that have a strong interest not only in business, but the good it can do to support the community” says Paul Blakely, Principal and CEO of The James Group.

Since its inception in 1996, The James Group has continued to support the community through its brand marketing work in numerous volunteer projects.

New York Branding Agency, The James Group, to be featured presenter at 2011 Small Business Expo, NYC

Friday, September 16th, 2011

The James Group at SBE

As a key participant at this year’s Small Business Expo in New York City, The James Group is set to offer a branding workshop to a select audience of attendees as well as co-host the post-show cruise around Manhattan.

The James Group will be presenting its workshop ‘Firing Up Your Third Engine of Business: Learn how Fortune-500 branding best-practices can help small businesses take off’ at 2pm. The workshop teaches how to achieve long-term competitive advantage in your category by engaging your third engine of business—brand marketing—to build true company value. “Your logo, your technology, and advertising can all be replicated,” says Paul Blakely, President and CEO of The James Group, “Logos, software, employees and business practices are all tangible assets and tangible assets DO NOT provide you with any sustainable competitive advantage. Brand, brand equity and other intangible assets are the areas business owners need to focus on strategically. They are the only areas that offer protection as barriers to entry for others looking to compete in your space.”

The Small Business Expo-New York City is the most anticipated networking event of the year for business owners, entrepreneurs and decision-makers to learn about products and services to help their business exceed its goals, network with other industry professionals, and attend informative and cutting-edge workshops and seminars.

“We’re honored to be involved in this year’s Small Business Expo. It’s truly a great event and a solid opportunity to meet industry peers and share our insights on branding with a progressive group of entrepreneurs and business owners” says Bryan Jenkins, Creative Director of The James Group. “And not to mention the chance to make some new friends over a drink or two at the after party.”

The expo will take place on Wednesday, October 5th at the Penn Plaza Pavillion in midtown Manhattan and will include a business owner’s breakfast, educational workshops, networking opportunities and after-show cruise.

For more information, visit the Small Business Expo website.

For a short time only, access the special offer discount rate to workshops, breakfast, after party and more.

Grand-Am Brings Road Racing Back to NJ Fans

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

On Saturday, 23 July 2011, the B+ Foundation Heroes 200 was held at the New Jersey Motorsports Park, part of the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.
Thousands of fans arrived and filled the grounds, eager to inspect the cars prior to the race and excited to have the opportunity to chat with team members. It was as though no one felt the 100 degrees heat wave – all filled with adrenaline and geared up for some action packed road racing.
The event started with the pit road access, one of Grand-Am’s long standing traditions, allowing fans to walk around the paddock area, and get up close and personal with the drivers, cars and sponsors.
The race which consisted of 52 contestants, ranged from Mini Coopers to Mazdas, BMWs and Porsches. It was a spectacular race for the fans, with Johnson and Roush in No.61 winning the race in a Mustang Boss 302R GT.
Since the launch of the Grand-Am rebrand, it has been fulfilling its pledge to give road racing back to fans. That day was no different.
The James Group launched Grand-Am’s brand repositioning in 2010 as the road racing experience where fans were participants, and not just spectators, supported by the campaign tagline ‘Giving Racing Back to the Fans’.

Long Standing Lumber Wholesaler selects The James Group, Manhattan brand agency, for re-branding effort

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Sherwood Lumber Corporation has appointed NYC branding company, The James Group to lead its rebranding initiative.

Pelican Water gives nod to The James Group, one of the top Marketing Agencies NYC, to launch national brand

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Pelican Water, a national home water filtration and softener provider has selected one of the top marketing agencies NYC, The James Group, to launch its national brand campaign.

Pelican offers several products utilizing a wide range of solutions for home water filtration and softening. With the negative press associated with water softening technology and its effects on the environment, Pelican was faced with various barriers to grow its market share. Pelican has selected The James Group to guide its brand strategy effort to overcome these challenges.

The James Group will be launching a national brand campaign with a variety of print and digital execution over the coming months.

New York Branding Company, The James Group, launches new national Lichi campaign

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Soon after starting the partnership with Bainbridge & Knight, New York Branding Company, The James Group has launch the new national campaign for the suite of Lichi dietary supplements.

Featuring the lychee berry as the main ingredient in Lichi dietary supplements, Bainbridge & Knight wanted to promote the benefits of this new super fruit and make Lichi a household name. With a suite of products including detox, probiotics and meal replacement, The James Group has positioned Lichi as an everyday must-have, to support a balanced diet and moderate exercise for a healthy mind and body – it’s Lichi & Me!

The launch will include national print, regional radio and outdoor as well as an extensive digital execution.

Bainbridge & Knight appoints Manhattan brand agency, The James Group, as agency of record across expansive product line-up

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Bainbridge & Knight, a NY based consumer products company, has commissioned The James Group, NYC brand agency, to advise on a range of heath and beauty products.