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4 Types of Advertising Campaigns That Sell

Monday, April 27th, 2009

If your company is not using one or more of these techniques, The James Group already knows – your marketing is under performing.
by James Connor, CEO of The James Group


Checkpoint Marketing: The Best Practices of Marketing in Three Easy Steps

Monday, April 27th, 2009

by James Connor, CEO, The James Group

The saddest statistic in business is that 80% of all businesses fail. Many a postmortem will say a company didn’t succeed because it didn’t have the right business plan. The logic of this is easy to defeat. Another competitor with an identical business plan usually comes along and does quite nicely. The real truth is that most companies fail because they do not understand how to market effectively.

Enter Checkpoint Marketing, the synthesis of the best practices of marketing into three focused steps. Checkpoint Marketing ignites the three critical engines that drive a company’s rapid growth. Checkpoint One creates a brand that forever tilts sales in a company’s favor. Checkpoint Two creates consistent brand experiences throughout all points of customer contact. Checkpoint Three creates return on investment marketing, insuring that marketing expenses per customer never exceed the value of a customer.

How important is Checkpoint Marketing to your business or portfolio companies? This checkpoint process has proven to work across twenty different industries for businesses as small as one person as well as companies with thousands of people. It has proven true with start-ups just getting their plan on paper and 30 year old companies trying to turn their market share around. It has made businesses the leader of their category. Simply, Checkpoint Marketing has made money for every business that has used it.


New Customer Value Method Drives Marketing

Monday, April 27th, 2009

by James Connor, CEO The James Group and
Dawn Norris

Align method dramatically reduces customer acquisition costs

In business, all is forgivable except wasted marketing dollars. With many businesses crashing on the rocks of marketing overspending and a tougher economic environment, reducing marketing expenses is a priority for nearly every business. However, these same businesses want to keep customer acquisition targets high. Today’s emphasis, more than ever, is on finding a method to create greater return on investment for marketing dollars.

In business, there still is much confusion on how to best allocate marketing expenses to create return on investment. Many traditional models for marketing plans have proven ineffective. A new approach, the Align Method, developed by The James Group, is showing remarkable promise and has reduced customer acquisition costs as much as 84% for clients.


Smarter Marketing for Struggling Companies

Monday, April 27th, 2009

by James Connor

At a recent public talk in California, the Dalai Lama joked that when everything is going well, people don’t need their spiritual practice. It’s when things go badly that they need something to fall back on.

So too it is with marketing. When companies are exceeding their growth targets and demand is spurring the company on, there is little need to spend marketing dollars. But when demand and growth slow, then watch out. Companies are like big planes. It takes great energy and investment to get them off the ground. But once they are moving, it takes much less energy to keep them flying. So when the initial inertia wears off and the plane starts to fall, it’s not time to cut the engines, it’s time to add more boost.