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Daring Branding by Blockheads Burritos Proves Successful

February 21, 2006. (New York, NY) — Business is booming at Blockheads, the 12-year old burrito chain based in New York City, largely due to an innovative branding decision the company made 18 months ago. To stand out in the marketplace, Blockheads repositioned its brand around a cast of sock monkey characters that explain Blockheads is a great place to get together with friends. Since rebranding, sales are up 20% across five stores.

“People love the Blockheads’ characters,” says Ken Sofer, who founded Blockheads with his brother, Don twelve years ago. “We wanted to strangle The James Group, when they first came up with the brand. It was quite surprising and not what we expected. But now we see how effective the brand is in making people remember our restaurants.”

The sock monkey characters, each with their own story, are featured throughout the restaurant, on the walls, menus, t-shirts, and even cover the delivery vans.

In repositioning Blockheads to prepare them for franchising, The James Group came to a simple conclusion based on competitive research. “The world didn’t need another Mexican burrito franchise,” said James Connor, CEO of The James Group. “To make Blockheads stand out, we choose not to position them around the food, but the experience of going to the restaurant.”

The James Group, celebrating its 10th anniversary, is a brand strategy and full-service advertising agency based in New York City that specializes in growing midsized businesses. The James Group has the unique distinction of making more money for every company it has taken through is powerful Checkpoint Marketing™ process. This process combines all the best practices of marketing in the three simple steps and quickly identifies the key idea that tilts sales in a company’s favor.

For Blockheads, The James Group created a cast of characters based on sock monkey portraits by photographer Arne Svenson to express the friendly, comfortable atmosphere Blockheads is already known for.

“We’re a place where people come to hang out with their friends, catch up and tell stories,” said Don Sofer. “I guess the Blockheads characters just look like eccentric people you and I know. And maybe that’s why it works so well.”

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