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Roundhouse declares The James Group Perfect in Brand Launch

October 4th, 2002 (New York, NY) — Suddenly IT is sexy. And, sexy is suddenly profitable. The James Group transformed Infopro from a generic 10-year old IT company into Roundhouse, the apparel industry’s technology expert.

In the eight weeks since the new brand debuted, Roundhouse has enjoyed significant growth. Company revenues have jumped 50%, and the company’s profit margin has doubled. In fact, the rush of new business has compelled Roundhouse to put sales calls on hold. It simply has more work than it can handle.

“The James Group was absolutely perfect in relaunching our company,” said Roundhouse President, Tony Lu. “They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They found a brand focus that defined our brand and tilted sales in our favor.”

In helping Roundhouse develop a more profitable business strategy, The James Group used the first phase in its three-part Checkpoint Marketing™ process. The James Group interviewed Roundhouse customers to determine their desires, their needs and their fears; they talked with management to determine the company’s strengths; and they studied the competition to determine their exploitable weaknesses.

The new strategy—exemplified by the new tagline: We know the business—emerged when Business Strategist David Price completed the customer profitability analysis of Rounhouse’s services. “They were trying to do too much and be all things to all people,” said Price. “One of the hardest choices entrepreneurs have is knowing what to give up and what to take up. When we laid the profitability analysis over what customers valued about Roundhouse and over the white space in the market, it became immediately apparent to have them focus exclusively on the apparel and personal goods industry.”

Following the creation of the Roundhouse brand, The James Group creative team, led by Creative Director, Robert Sawyer and Art Director, Bryan Jenkins, focused on Phase Two and Three of the Checkpoint Marketing process. The James Group, informed by its ROI philosophy, developed a cost-sensitive campaign including advertising, PR, capability brochure, website and html email.

“Working with The James Group was a smart investment in our future. In fact, we’ve already seen a return on our investment,” said Tony Lu. “We’re great at what we do, but we aren’t marketing experts. In running a business, it just makes sense to work with marketing experts like The James Group.”

About The James Group
Based in New York City, the James Group is a brand strategy and full–service marketing agency that helps promising companies become profitable companies. We make our clients an audacious promise: “You will make more money.” We also encourage them to be smart, to take risks, and to always do the right thing for their brand. For more information, call 212-243-2022 or visit

About Roundhouse
Roundhouse knows the business.

Roundhouse has been helping fashion houses build their brands for over ten years. As consultants and IT experts, Roundhouse offers a wide range of services including EDI processing, best practices consulting, and IT support—all created exclusively for the apparel and personal goods industry. Roundhouse works to help clients raise their order fulfillment rate, lower their return rate, increase shipping speed and make their business sexy again.

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